Since the creation of the internet, each of us has become a generator of data which, too often, are used to enslave us commercially. These data can be communicated to third parties without our consent or, in times of need, for example during a medical consultation abroad, are not accessible in a timely manner.

Reclaiming your data

The vision of Portable EHR is that each of us should be able to:

  1. take ownership of our data,
  2. choose with whom we want to share our data,
  3. choose if we want to share our data for research purposes on subjects we consider of interest and relevance.

The cell phone as manager of identity and consent

More and more we use our mobile phones as internet-connected communication devices.

Portable EHR innovative technology allows the mobile phone to be used as an identity proxy, and consent manager. This tool may be used to securely access your information in a connected system.

Upon activation by a user, the mobile phone initiates an encrypted communication tunnel to a source system. Since the mobile phone is an identity proxy, the system recognizes you and gives you the right to read an annotated document intended for you. All communication steps are recorded to allow complete traceability and audit.

By extension, since it is your information and it belongs to you, you can grant a reading right to a third party. This approach may be used to communicate medical, financial, legal, or any other protected information held in a connected system. Thus, with Portable EHR, your data are no longer constrained to a silo, but rather become available everywhere you have access to the internet.

Portable EHR does not copy or store any information from the source system.

Instead, the application uses metadata to identify the mobile phone and the location of the document in the source system. By means of an Application Programming Interface (API), Portable EHR can interface with any system, such as:

  • an electronic medical record,
  • a laboratory information system,
  • a radiology information system,
  • a computerized hospital record,
  • a banking or legal system, etc…

Partner Environment

To this end, Portable EHR has a partner environment where you can find the opensource code required to test the application (see the ‘Partner environment’ section).