Portable EHR’s primary mission is to create medical records that place the patient at the heart of the health care process. This way, the patient can monitor the information in their record and is securely and confidentially notified of any addition. The patient also manages third-party access to their record, whether it be an elective consultation by a group of clinicians or a research cohort in which the patient has freely chosen to participate.


In Québec, as elsewhere, a patient’s attempt to gain access to their medical record or even imagery or laboratory test results is often an uphill battle. Access to these information sources is all too often determined by the capacities and restrictions of health care providers, relegating the patient to the role of passive player in the medical decision chain. Yet this information belongs to the patient, who should be able to access it and authorize anyone they wish to read it.
The Portable EHR corporation was created in the interest of restoring ownership and control over their own medical information to patients. The company would like to provide any patient who wants it with a key to access their private medical records. The application also promotes medical research by allowing patients to register for cohort studies and by listing health care providers and clinicians. This enables health care providers and clinicians to participate freely in health research and to obtain material benefits or clinic access.


Portable EHR is a technology incubator dedicated to transforming the vision of its two founders into reality.



A graduate of the Bachelor of Science in Biophysics and the Family Medicine programs at the Université de Montréal, Dr. Bessette chose to go into private medicine in order to totally devote himself to personalized care. Captivated by the sciences, he is also an inventor of new information technology applications in medical information management.



For his part, Yves Le Borgne is the technological powerhouse behind the Portable EHR project. A McGill University graduate in Electrical Engineering, Mr. Le Borgne has been dedicated to developing technological applications and processes in the health field since 2005. He brings with him expertise, creativity, and a genuine ability to turn the company’s vision into reality.



Portable EHR is first and foremost an application designed for patients. The application is designed for smart phones and tablets with Internet access and a robust identification mechanism, preferably a fingerprint scanner. This application connects to the Portable EHR central servers via a secure connection.

The application thus offers the patient an array of basic services :

  • Notifications when new developments arise
  • Private messages from medical staff authorized by the patient
  • Group conversations in which the patient has chosen to participate
  • Our service-oriented architecture facilitates the integration of our servers into different systems of computerized clinical files, in compliance with the regulatory requirements regarding the privacy and security of information to which the producers of computerized clinical files are bound. Our architecture also allows us to provide value-added services to patients who wish to access them.


    Dr. On The Go
    The Dr. On The Go service is for patients who want to provide secured access to their evidence-based medical data while travelling, should the need arise. Once the application is installed on their cell phone, a patient can retrieve information from their computerized clinical file and authorize a third person to view it.


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