I am a Doctor

Value proposition: Facilitate my work by putting the patient in the loop

  • Generate revenue through asynchronous communications with my patients
  • Increase my clinical productivity by reducing the time required for request-result reconciliation
  • Protect myself from missed request-result reconciliation by putting the patient in the loop

As a Doctor, I use the following tools to improve the efficiency and safety of my workflow, and patient care:

In-Reach: Secure messaging to patients of authentic information.

This technology allows patients to be granted secure access to their confidential information in source systems through the use of a mobile application. Using our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) providers may directly integrate the functionality of sending private messages to patients on their mobile devices through the interim of our mobile application. Once notified, patients may view an original version of their medical information in the palm of their hand, directly from the source system, thereby guaranteeing authenticity. This entire process is journalized for full traceability, and an automated ‘safety net’ feature is built-in to ensure unread messages are promptly flagged for further action.

Additional functionalities provided to patients by using the mobile application include:

  • Receiving test or consult requisitions from their care providers,
  • Appointment confirmation or cancellation,
  • Consent management for interest in medical research studies.

Clinics and medical professionals benefit from this technology by making communicating all results and requisitions to patients a breeze, and greatly reducing the humanpower needed to manage phone calls and follow-ups. Patients benefit from having secure immediate access to their medical information, including personalized messages and instructions from their care providers, and being able to manage their appointments and consent for interest in research studies, all in an easy-to-use mobile application.

In-Reach has been in production since March 2019, and has Certification Trousse globale de vérification (TGV) from Santé et Services sociaux Québec.

In-Touch: Asynchronous bidirectional secure communications with Request-response reconciliation.

This initially stand-alone product will provide a web portal for healthcare providers and a mobile application for patients to allow asynchronous bidirectional secure communications, and Request-Response Reconciliation (RRR). The functionalities of our In-Reach technology will be integrated and expanded upon to create In-Touch. This solution will allow groups of healthcare providers, or circles-of-care, to securely and fluidly communicate with patients on their mobile devices through the interim of our mobile application. Patients will be able to communicate back-and-forth with their circle-of-care, receive test results and requisitions, and manage their consent for interest, participation, and sharing of their information with medical research studies.

Medical professionals will greatly benefit from a robust method for Request-Response Reconciliation. When a test, lab, imaging, or consult is requested by a healthcare provider, In-Touch will allow them to specify an automated follow-up protocol to contact the patient after the specified delay and obtain their response if they have completed the action. This process will be supported by a ‘safety net’ to alert the healthcare provider of any outstanding requests or unanswered messages. No longer will requests or test results be missed, directly addressing a growing need in the medical profession to do away with the ’no-news-is-good-news’ approach, thereby protecting patient health and safety, and healthcare professionals’ medico-legal responsibilities.