Portable EHR wants to be a collaborative project. Its principal aim is to empower individuals with their own data. Consequently, major developments will be delivered in open license user code (such as a M.I.T. license or Apache 2.0, for examples) so that as many users as possible may take advantage of it.

Contributions are openly welcome. We have created a partner environment for any developer who wishes to test the functionalities of the feed and the applications. Test it and see for yourself how it may be of use in your environment! Contact us if you have any questions or want to partner with and implement our technology in your environment.

All developers are welcome to suggest improvements to our partner environment or contribute open license code that furthers our mission. For privacy reasons, any developer who wishes to use our partner environment will be asked to use only simulated data.

If you wish to have access to our partner environment, please register using the form below. Upon receipt of the form, we will review your request to give you access to test this technology.